Palaiochora is a town in ruins built on the hill opposite the monastery of Ayios Nektarios. It was founded in 896 after Christ by the inhabitants, who were forced to retreat to the inland in order to protect themselves after the incursions of pirates on the coast. Palaiochora was the capital of the island till the 19th century. If you follow the path that starts from the foot of the hill, you will come across many little churches of the Byzantine period. In total, there were 365 churches (as many as a year's days), but unfortunately most of them in decay. On top of the hill you can see the ruins of a medieval castle.

Temple of Hellaniou Dios (Zeus)

The temple of Hellaniou Dios (Zeus) was built ion 11th - 12th century B.C.. The worship of Zeus was established by Aiakos. The temple is located on the highest place of the island, mountain Oros and the view is very impressive from this spot.

'Kolona' - The temple of Apollo

'Kolona' is the remains of the temple of Apollo built near the port of Aegina town. The stone tools and the earthen pots found on the hill consist a proof that the island was first inhabited at the Stone Age.